Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Wedding Stuff: Picture Post

This weekend was really fun... but, some pics that I promised earlier so this story can go on smoother.

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Here's the unfinished product of the centerpieces. Lovely, ain't they?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Here's the finished product. Sorry... I didn't get a side view, but it's absolutely beautiful. See the butterfly bubble things? I helped paint those... and the rose petals were a nice touch.

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This is before I got threaded. Yeah... the powder kinda tickled. That lady looked unhappy to have her pic taken.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is during the threading. I love Quidsia for taking me in the first place and taking these pics. I love her half to death.

Anyway... back to the post. This weekend was April's bridal shower. It was kinda last minute because Lauren (the maid of honor) was only available during the month of July. I called all the people on my list, but only the 4 of us, April's mom, and April's mother and sister-in-law-to-be were able to show. Personally, I liked it better this way... it was more intimate.

We had it at the Chili's where April's fiancee worked as a manager.

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Here's what the tables looked like. We were going to have a generic white and roses theme, but decided on the Vegas theme because that's where they were going for their honeymoon. The people in the background were just annoying and wouldn't move even though we reserved the whole patio.

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This is Lauren (the maid of honor), April (the bride-to-be), and Mama Ferarra. April really like the theme. You see that sliver of a person to the right? That's our waitress, Unique (I swear, that's her name). She was really nice. Gotta love her.

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Jimmy (the fiancee) and April. Jimmy wasn't supposed to be there, but he just wanted to make sure things went smoothly. What a sweet guy!!

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Here's the bridal party. (Back L- R) Lauren, April and Quidsia (the other bridesmaid). (Front) ME!! We look so purdy!!

Things went a little bit slow. We were just waiting for some more people, but like I said... it felt really intimate just having a few people there.

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We play some games too. We made wedding dresses out of toilet paper. Me, Cassie (future sister-in-law) and Mama Ferrara. Cassie won this contest. The 3 bridesmaids weren't eligible for the prizes. I really wanted the rose petal bath soaps... LOL.

We then opened presents, but I forgot to take pics of them. Sad, I know. LOL.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Here's the cake... purdy ain't it?? Delicious too. We even gave some to the people who helped us. Remember: always support your waitstaff and bartenders by tipping them.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
April and her bow hat. Yes... that's a board game. She has the coolest wedding registry.

Now some candids:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
April and her cake. YUM!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Me and April. Loves it!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Mama Ferrara and April. Aren't they cute??

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is Kathy (future mama-in-law). She is totally fun. She gave April some "motion lotion". Hey... I wanted to give that, but the other bridesmaids wouldn't let me.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
April and Kathy. I'm glad they're happy. I just can't until the wedding. I'm glad Jimmy is April's life because his family is nice and fun.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Y'all know I'm a conceited bitch. LOL. I did like my outfit though.

Anyway... sorry for the long post, but it's a picture post; so it all balances out. I hope you enjoyed it.

Ciao for now, my pretties.

Some sad news... at least for me and most of the Catholics in the area:

I know I should have written this earlier, but I've been so busy.

Bishop Joseph P. Delaney had died at the age of 70.

He had been sick for a very long time and I guess it was just his time to go.

I know most of you don't care, but I had to say something because he was close to my heart.

Whenever my late grandmother and I went to help clean the church back in the day, I always caught a glimpse of him. Mass seemed more special whenever he presided. I even had the privilage to serve with him for the Class of 98's baccularate mass back in high school (remember I graduated in 99).

It'll be weird not knowing he's there.

I guess that's about it. I'll miss him.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fun With The Girls

Finally had some down time with just the bridesmaids this past week. No pics... only b/c they're camera shy and I need to pick up new batteries for it.

Anyway... Tuesday, we did some shopping for the wedding/bridal shower/bachelorette party. I could bore you with details, but I decided not to. It was fun though and I know if I had pics, I would show them.

Yesterday, we took a peek inside Qudsia's culture.

You see, while Lauren is Catholic/Welsh and I'm Catholic/Filipino, Qudsia is Muslim/Pakistani, which is a whole different world than what we're used to.

She took us to Richardson while she did some errands. We had lunch at this amazing resturant called Zyka. Oh gosh, it was delish!! Pakistani (am I saying that right? please tell me if I'm not)food is really spicy, but neither of us minded... especially if there was a yogurt (plain with onions and spices) dip to make it less spicy. We had chili chicken and chicken 69 (which had a little curry in it and was a bit dry) with mint yogurt and tamarind dipping sauces. Oh yeah... we also had some rice with spicy meat underneath it (I don't know what kind of meat but I know it can't be beef for religious reasons). It was just an experience and it was really good!!

Then we went next door to get threaded. Threading is another way to to remove facial hair since ancient times and still used to this day. I just wanted to clean up my eye brows a little bit. I wish I could tell you what they did, but I had my eyes closed the whole time. All I know is they use ordinary thread, isolate the hair and pull it out by the root. It stung a little, but a heck of a lot better than waxing.

And cheaper too. It was only 4 bucks!!

Then we went back to Qudsia's to do the candy favors for the bridal shower. You'd think I would be so sick of chocolate now.

While we waited for the chocolates to set, Lauren and I talked about the days in high school. I never knew we lived such different lives in high school even though we were in colorguard together. I also never knew Ryan (my "ex") started rumors about her. I'm just glad she and I finally got in touch after all these years. She's right... she's the only one who got out and (by choice) stayed out.

As Lauren went home, I stayed there for dinner. Qudsia and I talked for a little bit and I really appreciate her more now. She is a wonderful friend and I really hope we'll be friends even after this wedding.

I met her husband and her mother-in-law... and her little neices and nephews. They were also very nice.

Anyway... sorry, this seems like a rush. I'm just tried and want to go take a shower.

Ciao, my pretties.

Monday, July 11, 2005


Currently Playing: Scars by Papa Roach

Gawd... I feel so emotionally drained tonight. What is it with guys jerking me around?

Do I have "Naive" written on my forehead or something??

Gawd, I swear. It seems like this whole summer is filled with jerks coming in and out of my life. I'm seriously thinking about swearing of men for the rest of my life...

Seriously, tonight was just... heartbreaking. This guy I've been talking to lately just straight up told me he just wants to get laid.

Yeah... I KNOW!!!

Props for his honesty, but lying in the past just doesn't change that. Don't fucking say you want to be with me and fucking whatnot when all you want to do is have a little sex and that's it.

He was nice. He seemed like a good kid.

Look, just because I have big boobs and seem kinda dumb at times that doesn't mean I'm slutty.

I have brains too, ya know? I don't think I can emphasis that too much.




This is what I get looking for good in ALL people. This is what I get for being nice. This is what I get for giving the benefit of a doubt.

I get freakin screwed over.

I'm sorry. I had to vent.

All in all, this guy still wanted to talk. He didn't want me to leave crying or mad.

"I'll call you," I said... and hung up.

Hopefully, everyone knows what "I'll call you" means. If you don't, you need to get out more and stop fucking around with people's minds.

Anyway, I leave you with some lyrics from Scars.

I tear my heart open
I sew myself shut
My weakness is that I care too much
And my scars remind me that the past is real
I tear my heart open just to feel

These lyrics just tore my heart at the fact that it sounds like me. Yeah, I know... there's a piece of everyone in these lyrics, but it fits... at least right now.

Thank you guys for listening to me rant. I know it's not the most attractive thing, but it's something I gotta do.

On a lighter note...

We finally finished making the centerpieces for my friend's wedding. They turned out nice. I'm particularly too lazy to show you the pics, but I promise to put them up. Mom wants me to steal one for her. LOL.

I'm also the last single bridesmaid. Lauren (the Maid of Honor) is engaged now. She deserves the bouquet. I already have 6 of them in the past 13 years (yes, I caught one when I was 11) and still... not one wedding/engagement/whatever. Not too worried though. I know my time will come.

Oh yeah... this lady (one of my friend's family friends... confusing, I know) tried to set me up with this "nice Christian man", but I digress. You need to hear the whole story.

I was at my friend's kid's 3rd birthday party and I'm just chillin when this lady comes up to me and asked how old I was and if I had a boyfriend. As soon as I said no she said, "You should really have a boyfriend. I'll set you up with a nice Christian man."

Okay... since when is having a boyfriend so important at the ripe age of 24? Not even my parents care if I have a man or not. I just don't care really.

Anyway... so she drags me to talk to this dude. He's not really all that cute and kinda pudgy... and as I found out, knows more tagalog than I do. Plus - he looked about 40.

She dropped the whole thing when I said I was Catholic. Yeah... I don't get it either.

Anyway... that was my weekend.

Ciao, my pretties.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Good (Yet Expensive) Day

So... I finally got my bridesmaid's dress...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Obviously, this isn't me, but this is what the whole dress. Pretty, ain't it?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is me in that same dress... sans bra (boys, don't get any ideas... LOL). Wow... I still fill out regardless if I wear one or not.

The look on my face in this pic was right after I found out the price for it all. What I mean by "for it all", I mean... the dress, alterations (which includes a rush fee, stupid me), bra (the last bra I will ever buy for over 50 bucks), and shoes (dyed silver).

I could do a MasterCard-esque list for this pic, but I rather not.

Oh yeah, I finally got these bracelets I ordered from Cebu (an island of the Philippines). I swore they were from California, but whatever.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yes, I do realize my hands are dry... and it was in the middle of the day. So sue me!!

Pretty cool, huh? Made entirely of very flexible and strong wood. I wore one just like it when I got home, but it broke. I really liked it and was lucky mom found one just like it; so I bought 10 of them.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So... yeah... that was my day.

Oh yeah... I did run into this guy while I got my transcript from UTA. He was my Media Writing/Latin American Politics buddy. He told me about this girl we both from Latin American Politics and that she's pregnant right now. Craziness, man. I graduated with her and she was so set on going to law school too.

He also told me about a certain professor who got canned. I already knew this because she failed me (I graduated a semester later than I originally had).

This professor was such a bitch. When the power failed in May 2004 (does anyone remember that? I remember... grrrr), I was working on my paper when all of the sudden it disappeared. I tried to get an extension, but all she could ask was "Can't you turn in what you have now?" I was so pissed off, but that was only the tip of the iceberg. I found out that 2 other guys asked for extensions and were granted them (oh... did I mention that neither of them started their paper yet? Yeah...).

The irony of it all? It was a Women in Politics class. Yeah... I KNOW!

Am I happy that she got canned? Hell yeah, I am. I think she really deserved it, no matter the reason.

Anyway... that's about it. Enjoy the pics. Thanks for listening.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

**Insert Title**

Okay... I really don't have anything to report; so I'm just going to talk about this new water I bought at Central Market. Boring, I know, but I don't have anything to do until tomorrow when I have to find a bridesmaid's dress for a wedding... that's in 2 weeks!! Yeah... I'm forever the procrastinator, but I figure I would just get something off the rack considering we get to wear any dress as long as it's...

1) Periwinkle

2) Long


3) We can wear it again.

I found a cute little number at Special Occasion Dresses, but not quite sure about the color. I'm dragging Quidsia with me tomorrow. Maybe they'll be pics... I don't know.

Anyways... found this new water at Central Market. It's called Metromint. Basically, it's minty water... with natural peppermint. No sugars, no complicated preservatives... just simple water. It's kinda refreshing. Freshens up your breath. LOL.

Finally got the W magazine with the 60-page portfolio of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt looking like the perfect American family... in the 1950s-ish. I never realized how cute they are. He should have married Angelina instead. LOL. Man... if they ever had kids for real though... all of their kids' friends would be over there for the M.I.L.F/D.I.L.F. LOL.

Hi, my name is Janie and I'm a cheesy romanticholic.

With Justin going away in less than a month, I feel the need to get my feelings out. Granted, it hasn't worked for me in the past... and I am weary of doing this again, but what the hell. The boy did called 15 times while I was away; so there has to be a little romantic in him.

I could rationalize this all the live long day, but hey, you know what they say:

Carpe Diem. Seize the Day.

I'm doing this in an old-fashioned letter. That's right, kids. Complete with handwriting, licking an envelop, and (gasp) a 37-cent stamp.

God that was boring. I promise it'll be more exciting later on as the wedding gets closer.

Later, my pretties.

Monday, July 04, 2005


First things first...


Be safe, don't drink too much and if you need someone to take your drunk ass home, call the cell.

With that out of the way, let's begin.

First off, I'm dateless again for April's wedding. This Chris dude keeps cancelling on pre-dates and straight up told me he might leave town if needed. Yeah honey... you're out of here.

Any takers??

Friday was a bust, but only because Chris cancelled. So what's a girl supposed to do when she has 3 hours before her next date/hanging out thing/whatever you want to call it (yeah yeah yeah... I'm a lil player. LOL)?

She calls everyone in her phonebook for something to do.

Weird thing though... for some reason I called Austin.

Background on Austin (skip this part if you really don't want to know):

Austin is this guy who used to work at Albertsons in the produce section when I was a senior in high school. Yes, I had a major crush on him. I used to prance around in my school uniform (Catholic School, bitches!! WOO HOO!!) when he worked. Anyway... on and off (for a couple of years) we would talk or hang out at starbucks when he was just getting home from Rusty's Billards and I was just on my way to school (Rusty's is a 24 hour thing... blah). He moved away and I forgot all about him until I ran into him at a 7-11 one day last year. Went on a lunch date (it's not really cheating... is it?) and it could have gotten further, but I was with someone at the time and he understood; so we went our separate ways.

Anyway... so I called him and HE WAS FREE!! My heart just jumped for joy while my body was shaking in nervousness. I don't know why. He's the only one who can make me do that.

We met at some little Italian resturant. I was just nervous because I haven't seen him in more than a year. Then I saw him. God, he looked hot!! My heart just started beating so fast, it was ridiculous.

Finally calmed down and we just started talking about the good old days and I kept giggling out of nervousness. He remembered I used to giggle like that whenever I was around him back in the day and asked if I still had the uniform. Such a dirty boy!! LOL.

After all that, we just said our goodbyes. Maybe I'll invite him to the wedding instead.

Hung out at Barnes and Noble before meeting up with Matt. Ran into Hazel and Juno. They're so cute!!

Met up with Matt. Hung out at a park. It was kinda nice to just stare at the stars... kinda romantic. Aw shucks!!

Saturday was a different story...

Derek was in town; so I hung out with him. I love my gay husband.

Shannon finally hung out with us. I love my lipstick lesbian lover.

Kenny hung out with us later at City Streets at the craptastic karaoke bar. I don't love him... he's my ex. LOL.

City Streets was craptastic this time around and we are never ever going back there again... EVER! Pete's is way better anyway.

I should elaborate, huh?

We hung out at the karaoke bar and we put in our "names" to go up there and sing. Seems normal, right?


The DJ is a prick. I guess he knows we would do too well for his audience; so he totally skipped us over. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. He had to go in order. Wrong again. He let at least 5 people go twice and 20 people who were behind us go ahead of us. He kept saying "One more song... one more song". The other DJ who was there said Derek could go next, but the fucking other DJ put someone else on. Yeah... that never happened.

So we left and we were so angry, we didn't even go to the Library. You know things must be bad if we don't go to the Library while in downtown.

Anyway... had to get that out.

I hope y'all had a fantastic weekend and don't go to City Streets. They're crap!!