Saturday, February 18, 2006

Major Update

Okay I’ve been lacking in updates; so here you go!!

Saturday (Feb. 11) and Sunday (Feb. 12 aka MY BIRTHDAY)

So, this past weekend was pretty fun as it is my Birthday weekend. I want to thank those who have attended and that you made my birthday really special.

For those who bailed (especially Andy D.)… SCREW YOU!!

Ha ha. Just kidding (except to Andy D.).

Why except Andy D? Because I saved him 2 extra chairs (which made the wait way longer than it should have been) for his parents and didn’t have the balls to tell/call me early to tell me that neither he nor his parents were going to join us. So… thank you Andy for making me wait longer to eat and get drunker.

Anyway, after waiting an hour for everyone to show up and for our table at Razzoos, the party finally started (except I started early because I’M FREAKING ANASTACIA BEAVERHAUSEN) with 2 (yes… 2) fishbowls with one with an extra shot of everclear. Good God.

I’m just glad my friend/birthday twin, April, was there to celebrate it with me. This has to be the first time we ever celebrated our birthdays together.

Anyway, dinner… blah blah blah. Drinking… blah blah blah. Oh yeah, the made me and April stand on chairs (I was wearing a skirt that kept falling off) and do a chicken dance.

Okay… presents list (you know you wanted to know what I got):

Gift card to Target
Xingtone Ringtone Maker (no more paying for ringtones)
Desperate Housewives Dirty Laundry Game (who wants to play b/c no one in my family watches that show)
Bath stuff (Oh... vanilla!!!)
An Ipod Nano (but that was on Sunday from the parents)

The Library was fun even though about ¾ of the party went off to their separate ways, but we picked up a few people on the way. Justin (this guy from my anatomy class who worked there) was really surprised that I didn’t seem drunk when I came out. Yeah… well, he didn’t see how much I drank BEFORE I went to the Library.

All in all, Saturday night was pretty fun.

Sunday (the actual birthday) was really quiet and quite nice. I got the Ipod I always wanted; so I was happy.

Monday (AKA: The Bad Day)

Skipped lab to spend some time with the sweetie. It was really nice, but he felt bad because I skipped (even though I had already taken the class already).

After that, I realized the karma wanted to bite me in the ass. Got my usual coffee and when I got to school, I set it on top of my car (totally normal thing to do) so I can grab my books and such. Normally, it would have stayed up there, but then all of the sudden, my nearly untouched coffee spilled on me. It got in my hair, clothes… just everywhere.

I could’ve gone home, but I really wanted to know my exam grade; so I changed into my yoga clothes. Yeah… I didn’t realize the tank top I was wearing was 10 SIZES TOO SMALL!! Luckily, when I got to class, my friend, Terry, saw this and offered his jacket.

Yoga didn’t relax me, which SUCKS, but making Valentine’s treats did relax me, and that’s all that matters, right?

Tuesday (Valentine’s Day)

Valentine’s day was pretty cool. After reviewing for my chemistry exam, I went to the Sweetie’s house. I made him and his parents (and my parents) fortune cookies. Yes… I said “made”. They were okay, but everyone seems to like them.

Since I had class later that night (Boo), we had a quiet lunch and went back to his place to take a nap, which was nice because I stayed up late making those things.

Wednesday (Feb. 15)
Kinda boring… doesn’t count.

Thursday (Feb. 16) a.k.a. The Apocolypse

Took my chem. exam (which I barely passed and Sweetie wasn’t too happy about it) and blah blah blah my way through lab. I got to admit, lab wasn’t all too bad since we had a mini lunch break.

Went to the night class. Blah Blah Blah.

It was a quiet day, but you know that’s a bad sign.

Talked to the Sweetie on the (house) phone until I heard my cell phone go off, playing Pink’s “Stupid Girls” and buzzing away on my desk.

BRETT (the ex with the naked mommy) FREAKING TEXTED ME!!!

Okay, it wasn’t a big deal since it was only to wish me a happy (late) birthday, but this is Brett were talking about here. The man who rarely calls or texts or IMs (except when he thought our relationship was in trouble) texts me. The man who found out I broke up with him through blogging a week after I made it official texted me.

I’m telling you, the apocalypse is among us and this is the first sign. Next thing you know, the boys of KA at UTA will be riding horses.

And the rest of the week was just normal.

Well… it’s a pretty long update, but you guys deserve it.

Ciao for now. Love always.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Yeah, yeah yeah

I know, I know. I've been awful about updating (like anyone cares anyway), but here I am, NOT watching the Superbowl (I just like the ads), updating.

Anyways... karma came and bit my ass Thursday. You'd think Brett (yes, I'm using is real name now) would be crying and shit over the fact that I dumped him because... well, I dumped him and not in a good way either.

Well, something killed me a little... not only has he moved on, but he's moved on to a practically naked mommy.

Just imagine me clutching my chest and yelling “OH… MY …GAWD!!” in the style of Grace.

I know I really shouldn’t care because I have such a great boyfriend (who, by the way, is the total opposite of said ex), but still kills me a little.

As for the naked mommy, better her than me. She may have more patience (which you really need with TWO KIDS) with him than I’ll ever have.

I could be like the girl who warned me about Creepy Ben and warn her, but I’m not that nice… especially since she was peddling her naked wannabe Catholic schoolgirl body (I INVENTED the Catholic school girl look and don’t you forget it) DURING my relationship with Brett. What goes around comes around, I always say. He'll cheat on her too because, unless you're sure you've found THE ONE, old habits die hard.

Like I said… Better her than me. I got new man who’s waiting out back.

Speaking of the angel, I went to his place after psych class that night. For some reason, he kept checking my ears and then he had me close my eyes. When I opened them, there was a pair of gorgeous stud earrings sitting in front of me.

I was just FLOORED!! I couldn’t stop kissing him. He’s just the sweetest thing ever!!

He had to check if I had pierced ears before he could give them to me. And then he said that's only the beginning!!

Oh my dear Lord... I just love him half to death.

Finally went out Saturday night... oy, I'll never forget it.

First, Jason and I went to see "When A Stranger Calls" at the movie theater near both our places. I haven't been there for years and after that night, I remembered why.

The movie was LAME. Save your 8 dollars and go to a bar and buy yourself a martini.

And then, the high school kids on the top row were so fucking noisy. The manager had to go up there and yell at them. But then they still were much too noisy and some of them were kicked out.

Maybe this is the reason why the movie was so lame, but just to be safe, don't watch it.

Then we went to Caves for drinks (aka -- the home of J's first hangover). He invited his cousin and her bf and her friend and I invited my cousin too (since he was in the neighborhood).

After 2 martinis and a tom collins... well... let's just say it wasn't very pretty. Let's just say the trash can was my new best friend that night (plus -- the fact that Jason stopped in the middle of the road so I could throw up again).

I'm getting much too old for this and I know I shouldn't complain because there's at least a billion people way older than me "tsk-ing" at me because I complain so much about being almost 25.

Anyway... I guess that's it.

Enjoy the week!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Just an Update

First off, 10 MORE DAYS UNTIL I TURN A QUARTER CENTURY OLD!! If you want to join in the festivities, do it fast or I will be an absolute bitch if you don't. LOL. Just kidding, but it would be nice to see some friendly faces for my birthday.

Anyways... been sick (again) lately. Texas winter is so impossible to keep up with. One day it'll be sunny and 70 and the next day, it'll be gloomy and 45. My homeostatsis can't keep up; therefore I get sick. The only good thing about getting sick is being taken care of by my wonderful boyfriend, Jason. Yesterday after my chem class, I went there and he made (more like heated up, but it's the thought that counts, right?) some chicken (Dora the Explorer shaped) noodles and a rice krispies treat. I have never been so babied in my life (besides my parents of course b/c I *am* their one and only) and I'm starting to get used to it.

I went to hang out with him before my anatomy class this morning and ended up sleeping instead. Seeing as I so used to sleeping alone (for almost 25 years), I'm not really used to having someone's arm around me. Quite nice, but he was afraid that I might not sleep as well; so as soon as I fell asleep, he slept on his side of the bed.

In summary, I have a really nice boyfriend whom I love.

Finally talked to my gay husband, Derek. He's doing fine in Florida and wants me to go down there for Spring Break. I told him I would think about it because I think I might be going to San Diego with my cousin to stay at another cousin's house. Should be fun. I told Derek that I might go down there with Jason on the back of his bike.

"That is so un-Janie-like," he said.

He's right, ya know. In fact, last night was the first night I have ridden on the back of Jason's bike. That's was fun and the call I made to my cousin before the actual ride was really unnecessary. Yeah... I'm that much of a spoiled wimp.

Well, anyways... I miss Derek to death. Who the hell is going to be my Will/Jack and do the credit card bit with me?

Moving along...

Yoga was fun today although I'm already feeling bad as is. Found out the pervy teacher from my Concepts of Physical Activity was in my class. EWWWW!! And since he knows which mat is mine (I bring my own just because I really particular); he's parked behind it. I know he was looking at my ass during the Table-Cow-Cat thing.

And don't get me started on his shorts. Ewwww. LOL.

The best thing that happened today was that my anatomy exam was pushed back to next Wednesday!!! YAY!! But I still have that standing appointment with my study group right before class on Fridays. Well... that's okay.

Oh yeah... Creepy Ben is (sorta) back in my life... just not in my life per se. Do you get that? I'll explain. Okay... last week I went to lab (which for God forsaken reason was at 8 FUCKING AM) and I see creepy Ben and I know it was him b/c he looked straight at me with that "come fuck me" look he always gives me.

No big deal, right?

Well, it kinda isn't, but since he's the biggest liar to ever walk on this earth, it kinda is since he denies ever seeing me. We kinda argued via text messaging.

This week, he saw me and turned his fucking car around to find another spot. Yeah... I don't get it either.

You know what else I don't get? The girl who warned me about him is friends with him again.


She was such a fucking advocate against this guy and yet she wants to be friends with him AGAIN. Yeah... I really don't get it, but hey, it's her life and if she wants the biggest fucking liar in it, then so be it.

Oh well... anyway... bed time. Needed to update.