Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dear Santa

EDITOR'S NOTE: As tempting as it looks, this is just a wish list and I don't expect any of these things, but I wouldn't be too disappointed if any of them ended up under my tree. Tee hee.

Dear Santa,

I've been *mostly* good this year. I've helped those in need, visited my uncle whenever I could and been good to my aunt when he died. I never cheated on any of my boyfriends and tried to be there when they needed me. And yada yada yada.

I know this is asking a lot, but this is what I want for Christmas. I even enclosed some pictures. LOL.

Like all little girls, I want world peace. It would be nice to live in a world with no war and gays/lesbians/transgendered people could marry because really, I want to see Sebastian get married someday and not just to me.

I also want this man. Okay... he doesn't have to be Ryan Reynolds, but he does have to call me every once in a while and love me for who I am and not because I have ginormous boobs.

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And if you can't get me a Ryan Reynolds look-a-like, I'll take Patrick Dempsey (AKA Dr. McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy).

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OR if you can't get me Patrick Dempsey, I'd settle for Carmine Giovinanni from CSI: NY. God, he's so fine!!

And if all possible, could you give said man this ring... you know, just in case he loves me enough to marry crazy ol' me.

I also want this Macbook with as much memory as it can hold. My Dell notebook has been crapping out on me lately and it's hard to do school work on it when I have to send it back to the Dell people and get it fixed. Posted by Picasa

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I also want this shirt. Nuff said.

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And oh! I love these Ginch Gonch underpants. They're the only one who make boy brief panties look like actual boy briefs and you know I look good in those.

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If I had to choose what dress I'd like, I'd want this little Betsey Johnson number in that color (gunmetal).

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Or this Diane vonFurstenburg dress. Fabulous!!!

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Did I forget to mention that I just LOVE Dolce and Gabanna? I don't think they would go with the dress, but I'd wear them anyway.... with something else, of course.

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And these Jimmy Choos, THEY'RE GORGEOUS!!! How can I resist??

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But if you can't get those Choos, I'll take this. Simple, yet beautiful.

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And I just love this kate spade bag. I know I already have 3 kate spade bags (all bought this year), but I really REALLY love this little plaid number. You know... for the fun side of me.

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And last, but not least, I'd like a mini cooper convertible, just like in the picture. It's tiny and fast... just like me. LOL. Just kidding, Santa, but I would look so good in it. And if you could, so kindly, can you also send me someone to teach me to drive a stick?

Anyway, Santa, I'd understand if you can't get me any of these things. I know I'm asking a lot. If you can't get these, I'll take cold hard cash instead.

Love always,



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