Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm All... GRRRR Right Now.

Besides the retail therapy I had today, my day was pretty much bonkers, for a lack of a better word.

First, my "best gay", Derek and I talk about the weekend he's supposed to come visit and what we're going to do. As all girls do, they want their cute ass boyfriends to meet their cute ass gays and I'm no exception.

But I made the mistake of not explaining things throughly. In one breath, I asked if he was sure he wanted to hang out in Oaklawn and that my cute ass boyfriend was a republican (and I'm a democrat. It's the Schwartzenegger-Shriver thing). Well... Derek thought I wanted to do a change in venue because of my boyfriend and decided right then and there that he didn't want to meet him. This of course gets me upset because it's pretty vital. Derek was saying that he didn't want to be around closed minded people when he, himself, was being closed minded as well.

Before I could explain anything, something happened and he had to go back to work (he's in TV news and it was a breaking story). I was pretty much livid because of his closed mindedness and even texted him about it.

This morning, he calls and apologizes for not realizing how important meeting Brett is to me and for him to say he didn't want to meet him was rude. He also forgot the fact that I get upset real easily and was hoping I wasn't crying.

At this time, I explained why I wanted a change in venue: my friend from the Philippines is also visiting that weekend and she wants to get dressed at my place and go out; so I have to pick her up and take her back to the house. Sebastian doesn't have a car; so I have to pick him up too. So far that's from Fort Worth to Somewhere Near the Airport back to Fort Worth and then to Mansfield. If I added Derek to the carpool line, I'd have to go to Grapevine AND THEN to our final destination: Cedar Springs in Dallas. Even though gas is getting cheaper, it's still not the 99 cent/gallon I remember; so pretty much this whole trip would probably be eating up all my gas tank. So, in my opinion, going to Fort Worth might be cheaper and won't put a dent in my wallet/gas tank.

Make sense? Yeah... I don't know. I'm kinda drunk right now as I'm writing this, but to sum it all up: Never getting a chance to explain, Derek takes things the wrong way and realizes he's an ass for it and I finally get to explain things.

So... that was this morning. Tonight is a whole different thing.

Robert (AKA - the straight guy I found at a gay bar) called again. If you read my last post, I thought he made it very clear that neither he nor I want to talk to each other ever again.

He leaves the (almost) exact same message from last night with the exact same attitude, but now it's more like "wah, you never call me. have pity on me."

It's really getting old, but I'll tell you one thing, the boy's presistent. Can't say he doesn't give up easily.

But like I said, it's getting old. I'm getting busier and busier as each school day passes. I'm also trying to ward off the evils (i.e. -- Ben) I encounter everyday. And truthfully, that can get tiring.

He's a good kid, but I'm sorry, I just don't have time (or the patience) for this bullshit.

So yeah... that's was my day. Fun, I know.


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