Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Long Update: I Lost 260 Lbs.

Sorry, I haven't written in a while. The truth is I've been using my myspace blog as an outlet, but then I realized that only people on my friends list could read it and well... that kinda sucks for the whole world.

So anyway, I'm back with a vengence. That and I can't sleep. First day of class jitters, I guess.

First off, as I said before, I lost 260 lbs... of boyfriend, that is.

And there used to be a song

And a video

And a couple of cuss words.

[EDITOR'S NOTE] I realize that said ex may be reading this; so I chose to censor this blog a little. Okay, a lot, but who's reading this anyway.

Brett and I started talking again and we talked it out and we're going to be okay. I still think he's a little crazy for wanting to hook back up, but if the opportunity opens, maybe I will give it another shot.

He's got a lot of changing to do though, but he's been good about it. The one thing that needs to be changed in a big way is his phoneside manner. I know he works a ton on his own company, but seriously, if you like (maybe even love) a girl, you will find a way to talk to her and not ignore her for weeks. It's really grating my patience right now.

Amongst the breakup, I spent some time with my favorite Texas gay, Sebastian. We went to the Rangers game at the beginning of the month and that was fun. We also went to Oak Lawn (the gay part of Dallas) as a Goodbye To Summer. We just chilled at JRs for the most part and somehow I managed to find the only straight man over there. Granted, he works there, but still, a straight man at a gay bar is a hard find. Anyways, needless to say, R (the straight guy) and I made out after his shift was over and got his number.

We also made a pact never to online date again, which is a very good rule indeed.

As for school, Lordy, it's gonna be a long semester.

First, it was raining and I couldn't find an umbrella at the house. I did find my hoodie though, so that's gotta be something.

Second, on my last gallon of gas, I was looking for this stupid diner my friend wanted me to meet her at. If she knew where Einstein Bros was, all of us would be happy. I did finally find that diner and the waffles were worth it.

And last, but not least.... I walked into my microbio class, happily jamming to Stevie Wonder on my Ipod and looking for a place to sit when... CREEPY BEN stared down at me... and what do you know, he's in my microbio class. I even checked if I had the right room.

And since there were no other seats available, I had to sit next to him.


I could feel his eyes, reading each letter slowly on my "Hola! Teach Me To Roll My R's" tee and looking at my lips because he knows I have an oral fixation.

God help me.

Anyway, to sum it up

  • My summer was a not a complete waste, but summer lovin never last, but salvaged it by hanging out with Sebastian and the Janie we know and love is slowly coming back.
  • NY was fun. I found a Kate Spade bag for 43 dollars... oh and I spent some time with family.
  • And I pray to God I survive this semester of school even if I do have to sit next to Ben the whole semester.

Auf Wiedersehn.