Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Take It Back

Ben's not the assface I said he was in my last post. He really isn't.

Actually, we've been quite civil to each other lately. No bitching, no teasing... just acting like civilized adults. We may talk/write notes to each other during class like we were in elementary school, but we're being good.

He's been helping out a lot from the goodness of his own heart. SERIOUSLY!!

Example: Sunday night, as I was studying for an upcoming microbiology lab exam, he IMs me, asking "How much do you love me?" Before I could say anything, he sends me a review he has made for said lab exam.

I'm just like "Ummmm... what?"

Yeah, he's being nice.

And I'm being nice by sending him all my outlines so he can create a review for the lecture class this coming Monday. What a guy!!

As for Brett, he's going through some shit right now; so I won't bother him.


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