Monday, November 28, 2005

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Current Music: Don't Forget About Us by Mariah Carey

Okay... well... I'm sitting here in the library (the *actual* library, not the place where I go order drinks, for once), trying to stay out of the cold and waiting for 11 to come around so I can go to my damned anatomy lab.

I don't know about you, but I'm not a big fan of the cold weather (or jackets either, if you know me). Sure, I like the clothes (except jackets, but I *LOVE* warm coats) that go with the cold weather, like Uggs, but not a great fan of the weather itself. Maybe it's my Filipino/Pacific Islander background.

But I do like the fact that I'm still tan even when it's cold and I also like that it snows once in a while (gets me out of school for how long it lasts).

Anyways... enough rambling (that's reserved for the morning messages I leave BF)... on with the Thanksgiving update!!

Thanksgiving wasn't a total bust. Actually, it was a blast!!

It was just so great to see the family in one place. Everyone loved the new patio/entertainment center. So much food though... oy! My stomach hurts from thinking about it (maybe not from that, but I did work out my abs today... more later).

Pics later as soon as I get to it. Finals are coming up, ya know.

*Early* Friday morning was... well... early. Picked up my cuz, Kait, to go to Radio Shack to get Bluetooth headsets for our phone.

$29.99 - $20 (rebate) = $9.99!!! You can't beat that. Wait... yeah you can. Fry's had the headsets for the $9.99 WITHOUT the rebate, but we learned much too late and they were gone.

We went back to my house and fell asleep on the couches. Yeah... 6 am shopping wears you down easily even with a couple of pancakes/funnel cakes in your stomach and whatever energy drink you had.

I got to test out my bluetooth headset. Totally kick ass... except I can't get my normal ringtone when I use it. Oh well... those are the sacrifices you make when you got a kick as new toy to play with.

Then we went to Grapevine Mills to go watch Shopgirl. It's a pretty cool movie and goes with the book, if you had read it.

The weekend was just relaxing... despite playing phone tag with the BF. Blah... I hate that. I also hate the fact that I can't hear the phone when BF calls, but I can wake up when JDC calls. That's messed up man.

Anyway... JDC and I had a little talk, which probably ruined our friendship. Cliff's Notes: JDC is the guy I've been on and off with for about a year until last November when we got into a fight. He has this thought that we'll get back together someday... that it's fate/destiny/kismet that we belong together.

I told him how I felt about BF and he just about cried (if he could cry... not sure if he can). I finally told him what was on my mind for the past year... how he never fought for me to win me back... how I got so tired of waiting for him... how it killed me that it ended.

I think it killed him that he totally fucked up a good thing and now that I've moved on, he realized that.

It's too late now, my friend. He lost he chance and now has to feel the pain that I've had for so long.

I need to buckle down on the studies. I saw my last exam grades for both micro and anatomy. Yeah... not so good when they're both on the week when you leave for Thanksgiving.

Hopefully, phone tag will end soon. I hate it.

Ciao for now!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It's O-VAH!!!

First off, I just want to say how great it is to wear whatever the hell you want in school. I look like a total soccer mom in my tee and pink workout pants. Yeah... I would so be a M.I.L.F. when I become a mom. LOL.

My last exam is DUNZO!!


Well... until finals, that is.

I am truly exhausted... and I still have to clean. Blah blah blah.

Good news is... I *finally* repainted my chalkboard wall. That's how bad my procrastination got... I painted a wall instead of studying for anatomy (which wasn't all that hard).

Did I mention that I *love* myspace? LOL. I'm so freakin happy about the long lost friends I found on there. Pretty awesome.

Thanksgiving is at my house this year... and the patio is almost done. Just need to put electricity in it along with my television and it's the coolest patio/entertainment room ever.

But most of all, I can't wait until Friday. Biggest shopping day of the year, ya know. I found what I want for 10 dollars. TEN DOLLARS for something that's usually 60.

And *of course* I know where all the good stuff is. Has anyone watched the news in the past couple of weeks? There are sites that have "black friday" ads where you can check out the prices of some good stuff you might want. For example: is a great site to go to for Friday's bargains.

I'm dragging my cousin, Kait, out of her big ass bed to go shopping with me... and then go see "Harry Potter". I've never seen it, but I heard it's pretty good, despite leaving a lot of stuff out.

This weekend is the traditional "meet with your high school buds" weekend. Andy and I might skip the Library (which has gotten pretty boring now) and find a new place to chill... where there isn't a long ass line outside (I love Pete's, but the line is ridiculous).

And to all the boyfriend haters out there, I happen to love my chipmunk cheeked boyfriend. He treats me nice and talks to me, which is more than I can say about you, one who never calls or IMs. You're probably jealous because he has something that you want, but never really made an effort to even *try* to get that thing you want.

I also don't like the "Ladder Theory" which basically says that you can't hang out with someone you're attractive you (even if they have a boy/girlfriend). If *you're* reading this, I wouldn't worry about you being on my ladder... you're pretty much in the abyss. It's just a theory though. I wouldn't take it too seriously.

Anyways... if I forget to update on here or on my xanga, I want to wish you a


Be safe and give thanks.


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Are Finals Here Yet??

Current Mood: Oy Vey!!
Currently Listening: All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey

Crazy thing. I'm listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. I read my friend's myspace blog (Thanks a lot, Sebastian!!) and it mentioned the song and now all of the sudden I'm listening to it... not so bad.


Oh yeah... I'm monitoring my comments from now on. If you can't seem to see your comment after you post it, that means I have to approve of it before it gets published. Sucks I know, but due to unwanted comments and spam, I have to now. Violation of the first amendment, I know, but I have the right to monitor my comments and leave those unwanted comments in the dust.

Anyways... back to the news...

I got a perfect score on my micro lab project (not including the 10 extra points for having back up plates). 110!! Yeah... I'm starting to like science now.

Speaking of science, I was supposed to have an exam tomorrow (gulp) in anatomy, but the prof moved it back to next wednesday (day before Thanksgiving... double gulp). I got cleaning to do damn it!!

Oh yeah... for those who want to see a pic of the "mystery man" go here. Ignore the "single" status (heck, my profile still says "single"; so it's all good) and his e-harem (like I don't have one of my own). He's mine... ALL MINE!! He just has to keep reminding me. LOL.

Anyway... I guess that's it.

Wow... short post. Haven't done one of those in a while.

Until next time, Ciao!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Current Mood: Elated
Current Music: Frank Sinatra

After a long battle (and a tired finger), I gave up and sent my laptop back to Dell.

I guess you'd want to know what happened to it. The truth is... I don't know. The monitor just shuts down as it pleases, like while I'm working on my anatomy questions the night before the exam (which I passed, by the way, but still...) or typing away when I have the inspiration to write.

Hopefully, they can fix my computer... or at least give me a new one if they can't fix the motherboard.

This totally sucks. I wish it would stay on long enough to transfer all the pictures to my mini disk drive.

Granted, I can still use the desktop, but it's just not the same.

So... I might be on hiatus for 6 - 10 days.

At least it's a little better than the 7 weeks that the motorola people kept my phone for hostage (well... it seemed like for hostage, but it's okay).

As for the rest of my week... pretty boring, but somehow BF makes it all better. He said the sweetest thing:

"While I was at the doctor, the nurse asked if I had a girlfriend. I told her yes and she's beautiful."

I just about teared up. My new friend, Hailey, said it was to win brownie points, but points, schmoints. If it made me feel better, let it be.

The poor thing has been sick lately. I hope he'll be okay.

I finally finished the fun part of my micro project... now I just have to work on the paper. BLAH!!

"Stole" my dad's CDs. LOL. Damn, that man has all the CDs with all the crooners (i.e. -- Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, etc.). Cheesy, I know, but the music really moves me... even more than Maroon 5 and you know what happens when you get me in a room with Maroon 5 playing in the background. ;-)

Anyway... I guess that's it.

Hopefully, I'll write soon. Kait's birthday dinner is coming up and you know there's going to be plenty of pics (if I can upload them, that is).

Ciao for now, kiddos.

Before I go, I got bored and did this.

Your Birthdate: February 12

You're a dynamic, charismatic person who's possibly headed for fame.
You tend to charm strangers easily. And you usually can get what you want from them.
Verbally talented, you tend to persuade people with your speaking and writing.
You are affectionate and loving, but it's hard for you to commit to any one relationship.

Your strength: Your charm

Your weakness: Your extreme manipulation tactics

Your power color: Indigo

Your power symbol: Four leaf clover

Your power month: December

Monday, November 07, 2005

Funniest. Day. EVER.

Disclaimer: First and foremost, if you are offended by any sexual innuendos, please leave now. I don't want anyone leaving me comments about being too sexual (yeah... you know who you are).
Seriously... if offended, leave.

Like... NOW!!

Thank you.

And now... the good stuff.


Today was soooooooooo funny that it totally made up for this past, very boring weekend.

I walk into Concepts class and my friend, Zack asked, "Do you have nails??"

Confused by the question, he told me it was because he had a knot in his workout shorts that he needed to get out.

Being a good friend, I (try to) help out.

What I didn't know is it would lead to the funniest story of my life.

I'm bending down at the waist, trying to get out this knot and I didn't realize how dirty it looked. When I finally realized that it looked like I was giving him head, I couldn't help laughing.

Zack was just like... I really need to get this out. I'm like... this would be easier if I used my teeth.

Oh that was dirty.

It also didn't help that I said... okay, if you have a camera phone, might as well get a pic b/c this is unbelieve even to me.

And the teacher walks in... and Zach leaned back with his hands behind his head (not on purpose, he was just stretching) and gave this weird look, thinking something dirty was going on.

Zack and I just cracked up. Too funny, I tell ya.

Oh yeah... later today, I didn't realize I had Zack's keys... and I was in Arlington. Luckily I was leaving there; so it wasn't really a big deal.

Anyway... I guess that's it.

Hoped you enjoyed my day as much as I did.

Love ya... ciao!!

Thursday, November 03, 2005


I don't wanna be anything
Other than what I've been trying to be lately
All I can do is think of me and I have peace of mind
I'm tired of looking 'round rooms
Wondering what I gotta do
Or who I'm supposed to be
I don't wanna be anything other than me
- Gavin DeGraw: I Don't Wanna Be

I feel these words are how I feel right now about a comment I got about my pervy professor and his wandering eyes.


I know this is America and everyone has the right to say whatever they want, but I feel this also goes for clothing too.

My tees are part of who I am. They're part of my laid back personality. I already went through 12 years of uniforms (thank you Catholic school) where I couldn't express myself and that really sucked. We could only wear a few things that made us stand out (i.e. - jewelry, tights, shoes, etc.).

Have you worn uniforms as long as I have? Think about that right now and tell me.

I realize I can change what I wear to some drab clothing, but that's not me. I like my tees... other people like my tees, but really, that professor just crossed line and he really didn't need to say what he was doing (again, this is America).

We can all ridicule, make catty comments or turn our noses about what people wear, but just remember other people are probably making comments on what you wear, whether good or bad.

And really, if I stopped wearing worded tees, I would be half ass naked and the comments will still go on... probably worse.

He's a big perv anyway. He kept talking about sexy nurses' uniforms back in the day during anatomy lab. Cynthia and I left after an hour of watching a woman on steroids flex her muscles for the purpose of to show us how our muscles work (she really was gross looking... it didn't look like she had boobs).

Anyways... enough ranting.

I'm procrastinating. I have an exam in anatomy and I know damn well I should be working on the questions. The thing is... my head is about to explode; so I need a little break and you need a little update.

Halloween was just really quiet. I didn't go out or give out candy. My body was too sore to do anything for 2 days (Monday and Tuesday). My pectoral and my quad muscles were sore from circuit training. God, this sucks.

I miss BF... but I did talk to him Monday night. It was really nice to hear his voice and it rings in my ears in a good way. Derek's actually surprised that I kept it up this long. Well... it has been a year since I had a good to honest relationship with anyone.

Okay... I take that back. What I should have said was: It's been a year since I had something that lasted (and hopefully will last) a long time. We may have had a fight here and there, but we're still... well... here.

The rest of my week was pretty boring. I'm half way through my micro project and figured out my Gram positive organism which I think is pretty exciting.

Oh yeah... my ex, Kenny, pissed me off so bad that I decided not to talk to him anymore.

What happened, you ask?

Well... he and I were talking (which is a rare thing nowadays because... well... I just out grew him) and he was like... there's a nude photo of you on limeware.

I totally FREAKED out!!

So I called him in a frantic state, freaked out, shaking and crying all at the same time.

He lead me to believe this for a while until he said:

What... the... fuck???

Needless to say, I hung up on him... and he proceded to talk to me online telling me he had to do something since we don't talk anymore and I've been rather short in our recent conversations.

I don't know... I think I just outgrew him.

For the past year, I've been trying to find myself and I finally have and I guess it made me slightly more mature. I'm just so sick of going through shit with my so-called friends that I think I'm growing apart from them.

Which is probably why I grew away from my last blog on xanga. Just tired of the "gimme gimme gimme" comment politics.

Anyway... I guess that's it for now.

Gonna go wear my new worded tee that I just got and make snide remarks about others b/c I'm an asshole.

LOL. Ciao for now.