Monday, July 04, 2005


First things first...


Be safe, don't drink too much and if you need someone to take your drunk ass home, call the cell.

With that out of the way, let's begin.

First off, I'm dateless again for April's wedding. This Chris dude keeps cancelling on pre-dates and straight up told me he might leave town if needed. Yeah honey... you're out of here.

Any takers??

Friday was a bust, but only because Chris cancelled. So what's a girl supposed to do when she has 3 hours before her next date/hanging out thing/whatever you want to call it (yeah yeah yeah... I'm a lil player. LOL)?

She calls everyone in her phonebook for something to do.

Weird thing though... for some reason I called Austin.

Background on Austin (skip this part if you really don't want to know):

Austin is this guy who used to work at Albertsons in the produce section when I was a senior in high school. Yes, I had a major crush on him. I used to prance around in my school uniform (Catholic School, bitches!! WOO HOO!!) when he worked. Anyway... on and off (for a couple of years) we would talk or hang out at starbucks when he was just getting home from Rusty's Billards and I was just on my way to school (Rusty's is a 24 hour thing... blah). He moved away and I forgot all about him until I ran into him at a 7-11 one day last year. Went on a lunch date (it's not really cheating... is it?) and it could have gotten further, but I was with someone at the time and he understood; so we went our separate ways.

Anyway... so I called him and HE WAS FREE!! My heart just jumped for joy while my body was shaking in nervousness. I don't know why. He's the only one who can make me do that.

We met at some little Italian resturant. I was just nervous because I haven't seen him in more than a year. Then I saw him. God, he looked hot!! My heart just started beating so fast, it was ridiculous.

Finally calmed down and we just started talking about the good old days and I kept giggling out of nervousness. He remembered I used to giggle like that whenever I was around him back in the day and asked if I still had the uniform. Such a dirty boy!! LOL.

After all that, we just said our goodbyes. Maybe I'll invite him to the wedding instead.

Hung out at Barnes and Noble before meeting up with Matt. Ran into Hazel and Juno. They're so cute!!

Met up with Matt. Hung out at a park. It was kinda nice to just stare at the stars... kinda romantic. Aw shucks!!

Saturday was a different story...

Derek was in town; so I hung out with him. I love my gay husband.

Shannon finally hung out with us. I love my lipstick lesbian lover.

Kenny hung out with us later at City Streets at the craptastic karaoke bar. I don't love him... he's my ex. LOL.

City Streets was craptastic this time around and we are never ever going back there again... EVER! Pete's is way better anyway.

I should elaborate, huh?

We hung out at the karaoke bar and we put in our "names" to go up there and sing. Seems normal, right?


The DJ is a prick. I guess he knows we would do too well for his audience; so he totally skipped us over. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. He had to go in order. Wrong again. He let at least 5 people go twice and 20 people who were behind us go ahead of us. He kept saying "One more song... one more song". The other DJ who was there said Derek could go next, but the fucking other DJ put someone else on. Yeah... that never happened.

So we left and we were so angry, we didn't even go to the Library. You know things must be bad if we don't go to the Library while in downtown.

Anyway... had to get that out.

I hope y'all had a fantastic weekend and don't go to City Streets. They're crap!!


At 9:52 PM, July 04, 2005, Anonymous Hazel said...

it was crazy running into you at Barnes and Noble, but nice.

sorry couldnt hang out on Saturday - was DEAD tired!! and i cant drink anyway because of this medication im on. :(

butt! i DO want to hang out, so lets have dinner. not this weekend cause i have a bridal shower, but maybe the weekend after?

miss you, you sexy biatch.

At 9:19 AM, July 05, 2005, Anonymous e said...

Thanks for being there.

Even though we're trying to work it out, we should still hang out!!


At 9:27 AM, July 06, 2005, Anonymous e said...

I got a brazilian -- that's what I meant in my post! :o)

You can get sugared most anywhere that does waxing, except it has to be more of a salon/spa sort of place because little nail shops that do waxing, well, I wouldn't suggest trying to get it done there.

Sugaring apparently takes a lot of training and a lot of time to master, so not everyone gets licensed in it. My lady is awesome, she doesn't leave me sticky or anything! I had a little sticky this last time only because I told her to leave it 'cause I was feeling a wee bit tender! :-P

Check out the websites for the salons/spas in your area that do waxing or just call your normal place and ask if they sugar.

Once you do it you'll be addicted! I know I am!!!

At 11:24 AM, July 07, 2005, Anonymous e said...

We went to the one at Stonebriar Centre. It was nice!


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