Friday, July 08, 2005

Good (Yet Expensive) Day

So... I finally got my bridesmaid's dress...

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Obviously, this isn't me, but this is what the whole dress. Pretty, ain't it?

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This is me in that same dress... sans bra (boys, don't get any ideas... LOL). Wow... I still fill out regardless if I wear one or not.

The look on my face in this pic was right after I found out the price for it all. What I mean by "for it all", I mean... the dress, alterations (which includes a rush fee, stupid me), bra (the last bra I will ever buy for over 50 bucks), and shoes (dyed silver).

I could do a MasterCard-esque list for this pic, but I rather not.

Oh yeah, I finally got these bracelets I ordered from Cebu (an island of the Philippines). I swore they were from California, but whatever.

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Yes, I do realize my hands are dry... and it was in the middle of the day. So sue me!!

Pretty cool, huh? Made entirely of very flexible and strong wood. I wore one just like it when I got home, but it broke. I really liked it and was lucky mom found one just like it; so I bought 10 of them.

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So... yeah... that was my day.

Oh yeah... I did run into this guy while I got my transcript from UTA. He was my Media Writing/Latin American Politics buddy. He told me about this girl we both from Latin American Politics and that she's pregnant right now. Craziness, man. I graduated with her and she was so set on going to law school too.

He also told me about a certain professor who got canned. I already knew this because she failed me (I graduated a semester later than I originally had).

This professor was such a bitch. When the power failed in May 2004 (does anyone remember that? I remember... grrrr), I was working on my paper when all of the sudden it disappeared. I tried to get an extension, but all she could ask was "Can't you turn in what you have now?" I was so pissed off, but that was only the tip of the iceberg. I found out that 2 other guys asked for extensions and were granted them (oh... did I mention that neither of them started their paper yet? Yeah...).

The irony of it all? It was a Women in Politics class. Yeah... I KNOW!

Am I happy that she got canned? Hell yeah, I am. I think she really deserved it, no matter the reason.

Anyway... that's about it. Enjoy the pics. Thanks for listening.


At 9:12 PM, July 08, 2005, Anonymous Hazel said...

lol...i was wedding shopping too. but for an outfit for a bridal shower tomorrow. im the bridesmaid also, but we are all wearing the same dress. :(

lol...nah its ok.
like the pics. you're sexy as always.


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