Monday, November 28, 2005

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Current Music: Don't Forget About Us by Mariah Carey

Okay... well... I'm sitting here in the library (the *actual* library, not the place where I go order drinks, for once), trying to stay out of the cold and waiting for 11 to come around so I can go to my damned anatomy lab.

I don't know about you, but I'm not a big fan of the cold weather (or jackets either, if you know me). Sure, I like the clothes (except jackets, but I *LOVE* warm coats) that go with the cold weather, like Uggs, but not a great fan of the weather itself. Maybe it's my Filipino/Pacific Islander background.

But I do like the fact that I'm still tan even when it's cold and I also like that it snows once in a while (gets me out of school for how long it lasts).

Anyways... enough rambling (that's reserved for the morning messages I leave BF)... on with the Thanksgiving update!!

Thanksgiving wasn't a total bust. Actually, it was a blast!!

It was just so great to see the family in one place. Everyone loved the new patio/entertainment center. So much food though... oy! My stomach hurts from thinking about it (maybe not from that, but I did work out my abs today... more later).

Pics later as soon as I get to it. Finals are coming up, ya know.

*Early* Friday morning was... well... early. Picked up my cuz, Kait, to go to Radio Shack to get Bluetooth headsets for our phone.

$29.99 - $20 (rebate) = $9.99!!! You can't beat that. Wait... yeah you can. Fry's had the headsets for the $9.99 WITHOUT the rebate, but we learned much too late and they were gone.

We went back to my house and fell asleep on the couches. Yeah... 6 am shopping wears you down easily even with a couple of pancakes/funnel cakes in your stomach and whatever energy drink you had.

I got to test out my bluetooth headset. Totally kick ass... except I can't get my normal ringtone when I use it. Oh well... those are the sacrifices you make when you got a kick as new toy to play with.

Then we went to Grapevine Mills to go watch Shopgirl. It's a pretty cool movie and goes with the book, if you had read it.

The weekend was just relaxing... despite playing phone tag with the BF. Blah... I hate that. I also hate the fact that I can't hear the phone when BF calls, but I can wake up when JDC calls. That's messed up man.

Anyway... JDC and I had a little talk, which probably ruined our friendship. Cliff's Notes: JDC is the guy I've been on and off with for about a year until last November when we got into a fight. He has this thought that we'll get back together someday... that it's fate/destiny/kismet that we belong together.

I told him how I felt about BF and he just about cried (if he could cry... not sure if he can). I finally told him what was on my mind for the past year... how he never fought for me to win me back... how I got so tired of waiting for him... how it killed me that it ended.

I think it killed him that he totally fucked up a good thing and now that I've moved on, he realized that.

It's too late now, my friend. He lost he chance and now has to feel the pain that I've had for so long.

I need to buckle down on the studies. I saw my last exam grades for both micro and anatomy. Yeah... not so good when they're both on the week when you leave for Thanksgiving.

Hopefully, phone tag will end soon. I hate it.

Ciao for now!!


At 10:35 PM, November 30, 2005, Anonymous e said... when later? :o)

I'm outta town this weekend but maybe next week sometime...but is next week finals? I don't know...glad I don't know!!! ;) Just kidding...

Lemme know when you're can come up here and we can drink ourselves silly and crash with the dogs :)

I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving!!! Seems like everyone around me now that was single when I had B is now sooo not single not fair :(


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