Saturday, February 18, 2006

Major Update

Okay I’ve been lacking in updates; so here you go!!

Saturday (Feb. 11) and Sunday (Feb. 12 aka MY BIRTHDAY)

So, this past weekend was pretty fun as it is my Birthday weekend. I want to thank those who have attended and that you made my birthday really special.

For those who bailed (especially Andy D.)… SCREW YOU!!

Ha ha. Just kidding (except to Andy D.).

Why except Andy D? Because I saved him 2 extra chairs (which made the wait way longer than it should have been) for his parents and didn’t have the balls to tell/call me early to tell me that neither he nor his parents were going to join us. So… thank you Andy for making me wait longer to eat and get drunker.

Anyway, after waiting an hour for everyone to show up and for our table at Razzoos, the party finally started (except I started early because I’M FREAKING ANASTACIA BEAVERHAUSEN) with 2 (yes… 2) fishbowls with one with an extra shot of everclear. Good God.

I’m just glad my friend/birthday twin, April, was there to celebrate it with me. This has to be the first time we ever celebrated our birthdays together.

Anyway, dinner… blah blah blah. Drinking… blah blah blah. Oh yeah, the made me and April stand on chairs (I was wearing a skirt that kept falling off) and do a chicken dance.

Okay… presents list (you know you wanted to know what I got):

Gift card to Target
Xingtone Ringtone Maker (no more paying for ringtones)
Desperate Housewives Dirty Laundry Game (who wants to play b/c no one in my family watches that show)
Bath stuff (Oh... vanilla!!!)
An Ipod Nano (but that was on Sunday from the parents)

The Library was fun even though about ¾ of the party went off to their separate ways, but we picked up a few people on the way. Justin (this guy from my anatomy class who worked there) was really surprised that I didn’t seem drunk when I came out. Yeah… well, he didn’t see how much I drank BEFORE I went to the Library.

All in all, Saturday night was pretty fun.

Sunday (the actual birthday) was really quiet and quite nice. I got the Ipod I always wanted; so I was happy.

Monday (AKA: The Bad Day)

Skipped lab to spend some time with the sweetie. It was really nice, but he felt bad because I skipped (even though I had already taken the class already).

After that, I realized the karma wanted to bite me in the ass. Got my usual coffee and when I got to school, I set it on top of my car (totally normal thing to do) so I can grab my books and such. Normally, it would have stayed up there, but then all of the sudden, my nearly untouched coffee spilled on me. It got in my hair, clothes… just everywhere.

I could’ve gone home, but I really wanted to know my exam grade; so I changed into my yoga clothes. Yeah… I didn’t realize the tank top I was wearing was 10 SIZES TOO SMALL!! Luckily, when I got to class, my friend, Terry, saw this and offered his jacket.

Yoga didn’t relax me, which SUCKS, but making Valentine’s treats did relax me, and that’s all that matters, right?

Tuesday (Valentine’s Day)

Valentine’s day was pretty cool. After reviewing for my chemistry exam, I went to the Sweetie’s house. I made him and his parents (and my parents) fortune cookies. Yes… I said “made”. They were okay, but everyone seems to like them.

Since I had class later that night (Boo), we had a quiet lunch and went back to his place to take a nap, which was nice because I stayed up late making those things.

Wednesday (Feb. 15)
Kinda boring… doesn’t count.

Thursday (Feb. 16) a.k.a. The Apocolypse

Took my chem. exam (which I barely passed and Sweetie wasn’t too happy about it) and blah blah blah my way through lab. I got to admit, lab wasn’t all too bad since we had a mini lunch break.

Went to the night class. Blah Blah Blah.

It was a quiet day, but you know that’s a bad sign.

Talked to the Sweetie on the (house) phone until I heard my cell phone go off, playing Pink’s “Stupid Girls” and buzzing away on my desk.

BRETT (the ex with the naked mommy) FREAKING TEXTED ME!!!

Okay, it wasn’t a big deal since it was only to wish me a happy (late) birthday, but this is Brett were talking about here. The man who rarely calls or texts or IMs (except when he thought our relationship was in trouble) texts me. The man who found out I broke up with him through blogging a week after I made it official texted me.

I’m telling you, the apocalypse is among us and this is the first sign. Next thing you know, the boys of KA at UTA will be riding horses.

And the rest of the week was just normal.

Well… it’s a pretty long update, but you guys deserve it.

Ciao for now. Love always.


At 7:22 PM, February 24, 2006, Anonymous jenn said...

so i gather that story about richard was a good thing??? i'm almost scared to see what happens...

At 9:39 PM, February 24, 2006, Anonymous jenn said...

yes it does suck that he's moving to another store... but the reason just about redeems that fact. i don't know many single men that would give up their entire livelihood for children. it's just a hard quality to find.

the i love you part was amazing.

i wonder deep down if this move could be the best thing for us. we live 30 secs apart, see eachother every day... yet hardly appreciate each other as much as we could. now that we have to plan things together i think it might bring us closer together than before. kind of like the whole absence makes the heart grow fonder thing.

all i know is this -

if you love something, let it go, and it will return to you...


i love him.
i am letting him go.
and i pray that he returns to me.


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