Friday, October 28, 2005

My Long Week errr... Weekly Update (Mini Pic Post Too!!)


This week has been hectic... but it all began pretty awesome.

But first I want to thank all those people (2 people outside my family in total... you know who you are) for talking/commenting on the problem I had for the past couple of weeks. You guys have been a great help in supporting me and you know I support you in all you do also.

Speaking of "The Problem" (otherwise known as "The Boyfriend"), there has been a resolution... you may or may not like it, but I know I'll have to live with it.

Last Saturday morning, I finally decided to make my "declaration of independence" (See? I did put my Poli Sci degree to good use... LOL.) via Yahoo status message. Not even 5 minutes of putting that up I get a call from "The Boyfriend" (I'm not going to mention his name right now or in future post as you may have noticed... someday I will though), sarcastically asking "Single, huh?"

In my mind, I'm like... what??

Anyway... we did talk things out... later that night. When he read my "declaration", he got scared that he lost me... and that he really missed me.

Yes, I know this sounds familiar (yes... from the Justin episode), but I've been playing it safe for the longest time. Believe it or not... he could very well be "The One" but I don't want to jinx it.

Yes... I also know it's too soon to say that, but hey. I know people who have fallen in love (yes... I said it... IN LOVE) within days/weeks/months of meeting/talking to each other.

Right now, I'm just taking my time due to school, but I do love him. Yes... yes, I do.

Monday was kinda of hectic because I had a micro test that day (which I totally bombed, but I should be okay for the rest of the semester), but I just had to be reminded that a bad grade is not the end of the world. I just have to do better next time.

Tuesday... don't get me started. First off, I didn't do so hot on my lab practical for anatomy.

And second, my teacher in said lab keeps "reading" my tees. Yes... yes he does. He'll be talking about something and then pause. And then he'll say "Oh, I'm just reading what's on your shirt."

What professor does that, let alone annouces it to the whole class?

I feel so dirty when he said that. The guy next to me commented "Well... it's kinda hard not to notice."

I don't know what to do. I can't drop the class... I kinda need it.

We also started on our "Unknown" projects in micro lab. This should be fun. We have to figure out what bacteria we're working with for the next 3 weeks. I can't wait until the next class!!

Friday was fabulous... even though it was kinda slow, but I took pics.

I did get YET another phone. We decided to go back to Cingular because they gave us a great deal (700 rollover/1000 texts) and brand new phones!!

They gave us the same phone... Motorola V551... a phone that everyone and their dog has.

So... I decided to make my different somehow.

After class, I went to Target and bought some "bling". Some nice colored crystals I can put on my phone to make it stand out.

Here are some pics of the finished product:

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Cute, huh?

I only planned on doing the front, but I got extremely bored and did that back too. I feel like the pattern wasn't creative enough, but I like it. Hee hee.

I also did a little photo/photoshop thing because I got bored. It's called: What's Inside My Bag??

Let's have a look:

Image Hosted by

No matter what purse I carry, this is what I usually have in my purse and you know what they say: You can tell a lot about a person by what's in their bag.

I even numbered them for explaination (Yes... I'm that bored).

1. Lip Venom: A girl's gotta have plump lips all night long (plus -- I just love the tingly feeling)
2. Rosebud Salve: For soft lips.
3. Natural Ice: Hey... I can't have chapped lips and it's getting colder.
4. My inhaler: Extreme weather changes and vigorous workouts affect my asthma (But all in all, it just makes me a big nerd having it... LOL).
5. Lotion: No one likes dry skin.
6. Mascara: I'm seriously in love with the XXL Volume mascara. Makes my eyes look fab.
7. Eyelash curler: See #6.
8. Nail polish: For those unfortunate times when my polish chips.
9. My sparkly new phone: Too cute for words.
10. My Motorola V330: Yes, that is a second phone I'm carrying. I could lie and say it was for my other boyfriends, but in reality some people don't know I went back to my old phone number and I'm just too lazy to put the numbers on my new phone. I'm a pimp... you know it. LOL.
11. A pen (obviously): To jot down things/fake numbers/whatever on napkins or whatever there is to write on.
12. Mouthwash: For those times I drink too much or (gasp) smoke (which is rare).
13. The Underwear Bag: I use it for my wallet.
14. Vicki Mints: Can't live without those...

So yeah... that's my week and my montage to my phone and purse.

Sorry, it was so long, but hey... you were warned!!

If I don't update before Halloween, Happy Halloween!!

And I do hope you have a nice weekend!!


At 9:08 AM, October 31, 2005, Anonymous jenn said...

i have your costume? LOL... did you get yours a the 'big pumpkin' on 30? out of curiousity what shoes are you wearing with it? my feet are going to kill me... mine is so low cut on me i'm adding a black bra under it with white garters... talk about risque. :-D

and richard would be damn sexy in a button down and bvd's... lol. we haven't been able to convince him to dress up... but it should be interesting to see his reaction to my costume. haha.

have fun tonight girlie. i think we are going to frequent city streets in fort worth.

At 12:23 PM, October 31, 2005, Anonymous chris said...

good talking to you again....and that is too damn much stuff to keep in your purse...i like the underwear bag though.

At 1:39 PM, November 01, 2005, Anonymous E said...

Maybe you shouldn't wear worded shirts to that class anymore? Just a thought.

I haven't forgotten about ya...I just haven't been online all!! I've updated a couple times but left zero comments for don't feel left out ;)

Hope you had a good weekend!


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