Sunday, October 02, 2005

Finally Getting the Girl

As I sit here on my bed, doing my outline for my exam, I'm just enjoying nice (but temporary) cool weather.

Ugg boot weather... my favorite!!

It was just nice to go outside and relax.

This weekend was nice (even though I have to study for microbiology... yuck!!).

Went to church on Saturday at my old church. I saw an old friend... with a new man. Being the curious type, I kept moving around trying to figure out who he was.

Then he turned around.

Sal was the crush I had sophomore year in high school.. and the man I (didn't mean to) stood up my sophomore year in college.

I knew he had always like my friend ever since they met freshman year in HS. I knew he was in love with her. He always stood up for her... even when she was dating a rich jerk who called her a slut when she wore this almost-looks-like-nude black lacy dress.

Now that I see them together, she looks happy. I'm happy for them.

Actually, I'm just happy that Sal finally got the girl.

Anyway... I'm bored. So here are some random pics.

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Back in January. Yeah... probably drunk.

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Me and Keikai chillin after I came home from the Philippines. This is back in May just in case you're wondering.

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The backyard back in May. It looks better now. I can't wait until it's completed.

Image Hosted by
Me and Keira (my Godsister's daughter) about a month ago. My double chin came back, I know. LOL.

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Me and Rob on his 40th b-day. I know... he doesn't look it nor does he act like his 40!!

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Me and Alex. I haven't seen him in forever!! He's taller than me now... LOL.

And that is the end of our random pic slideshow. I hope you enjoyed it!!


At 1:04 PM, October 03, 2005, Anonymous E said...

Fun pics! Thanks for sharing!

I hope all is well :)


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