Friday, October 21, 2005

Finally Some Down Time

Good Lord... I finally found some down time for myself.

I guess I should update.

Let's start with Sunday, after the "boyfriend" fiasco, shall we? Beginning of the week is always a good place to start.

Pretty much just stayed with a friend that night/morning because I didn't want to be alone. He was nice and comforting about the whole thing.

Monday... pretty much just studied for 2 huge lab exams I had the next day. Well... I concentrated more on anatomy just because I was doing bad in the lecture.

But... Guess who freakin called at 12:57 am?? Yep... the "boyfriend" (I should really change it to something else, but I don't want to incriminate the guilty). Eh... I just ignored it because:

1) I was studying for 2 lab exams. I really should have turned off the phones.


2) I wasn't in the mood for any bullshit.

I have a crazy theory on why he called though. He called both numbers just to see whose numbers they were on his phone and when he found out it was mine, he deleted it.

Like I said, it was a crazy theory. Probably not true, but with my luck, it probably is.

Everyone is saying I should call him back/take him back/etc. I don't see how it's my responsiblity to give him a call back. And anyways... I was busy the whole week; so I didn't get a chance to... nor do I want the chance.

My thing right now is: if he wants to talk to me, he'll talk to me when I'm ready and I'm just not ready yet.

What do you guys think?

Tuesday... took the exams. Bombed my micro lab... hopefully I did okay on my anatomy exam considering I took a lot of time and effort to study for it.

Wednesday... almost passed out in physical activity class. The day I decide to go get a refill for my inhaler later that day, I have an attack in the morning. That's the way it's always been.

Thursday... went to Ikea with mom and my uncle. Got some cute little things and a new pillow. Went out with Malibu and realized we're probably better off as friends. I swear, if I have to keep going into Weatherford to see him, I'm gonna start charging him mileage for gas. I filled up the tank that day and it was almost empty toward the end.

Today... well... I skipped my anatomy class and worked out a little bit during class.

And now, I shall pass out.

Tell me what you think I should do with the "boyfriend whatever" situation. It's gonna keep bugging me until the day he does call... if ever.

Stay fabulous, my pretties.


At 7:03 AM, October 22, 2005, Anonymous Lindsey said...

Who said take him back? No freaking way! If he wants to "dump" you by totally ignoring you, blocking you and whatnot, he is NOT a man, and most certainly is NOT a man good enough for you. I suggest if he calls again you answer it and call him on his bullshit.. Or pretend you don't know who he is.. that's always fun :P


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