Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dear Asshole #3

Yeah... I know I said I would update on the rest of my week, but I have so much pent up anger and you know that can't be good. But we'll get back to my week in a second.

Dear Sir,

You suck. I have no time for games. I'm too old for them now. I've been there, done that, got the t-shirt and yada yada yada.

So really... I know what you're doing. I've played the excuses game and I've played well. Heck, I even invented some excuses you probably never heard of.

Next time, say what you mean instead of being a damn jackass.

Oh yeah... you can bite me too.

Love always,

As for my week, a very slow one, but weirdly... it was relaxing.

I have a quiz tomorrow that I'm not prepared for. Should be easy though since it is Wellness class. My ex took a class from him while this teacher was still working at UTA and told me he's pretty easy. So... I'm good.

My microbiology teacher sounds like Lois from Family Guy and talks to us like were a bunch of kindergarteners. Good thing is, we practically get the test before the actual test and go over the essay questions while going through the book. Easy, right?

Both my labs are going to be bitches. I never planned on having all my Micro and Anatomy lab exams on Tuesdays... even though Micro meets twice a week and could have had exams on Thursdays. Yeah... I'm screwed. Luckily, Micro lab exams are multiple choice and what not; so it shouldn't be too bad. Unfortunately, Anatomy labs are not... that's going to bite my ass.

Also went to the gym on campus and it just makes me miss UTA a lot. I went in there thinking the elliptical machines had TVs on them or something exciting. Yeah... no such luck. Spent 30 minutes listening to Jack FM. Couldn't read... was just simply bored. But hey... it's cardio.

Anyways... need to read 3 chapters.

Stay fab.



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