Sunday, August 21, 2005

JR's 21st Birthday

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I'm having my first hangover ever thanks to my cousin's 21st birthday.

Wicked, I tell ya. Wicked.

I am also not condoning that it's okay to wake up at 6:58 on a Sunday morning. Weird dreams. Maybe another time.

Anyways... it had its one hitch, but all in all it was fun. Another PF Changs problem. A 2 HOUR WAIT?? Yeah... that's not going to happen. Even though we had our hearts set on the Changs, we ventured off to Cabo *insert the rest of the name* and got equally drunk there (and of course we ate). Bought my aunt and cuz a drink. That was fun because I have never seen my aunt drink before. Good times had by all.

We went back to JR's house to wait for some friends. We were supposed to go bowling, but it was in Grapevine; so we went to the Library instead. We took some shots of crown (provided by yours truly) while we waited.

The Library was fun as usual. My cousin discovered the drunk side of me FINALLY. He just never realized how crazy I get when drunk.

I uploaded some pics and I don't remember a few of them. So here you go.

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This is Joe. Yes, I know he looks like he just came from class (if you don't know what I mean, all you have to do is ask. Hazel might know. *shrug*).

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Me and JR before going out.

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Robert, you can't hide from me...

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Gotta love Jimmy...

Image Hosted by
I have no idea...

Image Hosted by
Did I tell you how much I love Shannon?

Image Hosted by
Like... REALLY love Shannon? Yeah... JR had no clue.

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But all in all, I love Derek and Shannon equally. You can't see it, but it's a 3 way kiss. LOL.

Image Hosted by
No clue. My boys were getting drunk.

Image Hosted by
Derek, my cuz and some random girl. Yeah... no clue either.

Image Hosted by
What is it with people licking other people? Derek really likes Shannon. LOL.

Image Hosted by
The stereotypical drunk pic. I'm so glad he turned 21...

Image Hosted by
Joe, Shannon and JR. Joe, that's not a nice gesture.

Image Hosted by
Derek and his cig.

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Denied... denied... APPROVED!!

Image Hosted by
Some random girl with Kenny, my ex.

Image Hosted by
Same random girl licking my face. Yeah... I really don't remember this.

Image Hosted by
Nor this either. Wow. She must really like me.

Image Hosted by
Might as well get her and her friend back. Licks all around...

Image Hosted by
Yes... some more licking...

It was really a shame I had to leave early to pick up "Malibu" from the airport. No one wanted me to leave and wanted me to make up an excuse so I don't have to. You know me, I wouldn't do that to him... especially if there was a present in store (just kidding!!).

Anyways... so I go pick up "Malibu" from the airport. I really am surprised I didn't get pulled over. I was off my freakin rocker on the way there. He was surprised I came over there drunk... and slightly pissed. He got even more pissed when I accidently drove over his neighbor's yard (slightly... you can't even tell). We talked about some things... you know... yada yada yada... blah blah blab.

I'm gonna miss him. *tear*

*EDIT*: I realize certain people may read this; so I blocked it out. I'll let you figure out how to read it.

Anyway... got home safely. Called the usual suspects. I'm glad my cousin had fun though. It's not everyday you turn 21. I'm just glad he did; so we can party more... and I don't have to buy him anything anymore!!

Well... I guess that's it. Have fun with it.

Stay fabulous.


At 7:45 AM, August 21, 2005, Anonymous Lindsey said...

You Lush lol

At 9:13 AM, August 22, 2005, Anonymous hazel said...

lol...looks like you had tons of fun!!! oh janie, you are too crazy!!

love ya!!

At 1:52 AM, August 24, 2005, Anonymous Janene said...

I love those pics!! Haha, you always look like you know how to have a great time day we're going to do this...Cause I can party..and you can we should be partying together!!

and really...I just want you to like my boobies!

At 8:42 AM, August 25, 2005, Blogger yaritza17christy said...

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