Monday, August 08, 2005

Long Post: The Wedding and Everything After

A Note to My Readers:

I am sorry this post is way overdue. I'm also sorry there aren't any pictures (I'll explain later). Please forgive me...

These past couple of weeks have been a little crazy but worth it for the result.

As you all know, my friend got married. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics. What kind of person doesn't have pics of her best friend's wedding/reception? The kind of person whose date left without giving her keys back, but I digress.

Anyway... let's continue, shall we?


The bachelorette party was fun. Spent some good time at Dave & Busters with the girls. No strippers, I know, but who needs strippers when you got the Tower of Power (I swear I'm not being sarcastic)?? Anyway... we played that bachelorette dare card game. That was fun. April (the bride) had to ask some guys if they wanted a "blow job". It's not what you think, you dirty people. A "blow job" shot is ameretto and kaluha (or bailey's... can't tell) with whip cream on top... and you can't use your hands. I had to ask 10 random guys to congratulate my friend on her upcoming nupituals. All fun and I got a stuffed longhorn out of the whole deal.


The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. The church was small, but it was a small wedding; so it was cool. We had these beautiful bouquets of different colored roses. And April... wow... she's gorgeous in her wedding gown. The boys (Jimmy and groomsmen) looked absolutely dashing.

It was also Qudsia's first time in a Catholic church/wedding. She cried her eyes out. Am I weird for not crying? I mean, I'm truly happy for them, but I didn't cry.

The wedding was just... awesome to watch. I could see Austin fidgeting in the back. I had to stifle my laughs.

At the end, while everyone else was going to the reception, I was looking for Austin because he had my keys.... but HE WASN'T THERE!! I was freaking out and Lauren (whose stuff is in my car) and Qudsia were trying to calm me down. My camera was in my car along with my other things. This is why there are no photos.

We all went to the reception at Lone Star Park in Qudsia's car. I called Austin on the way there and left a message that he had my keys. He called back telling me he rushed out of the church because he got a call that his mom was in a wreck and he forgot to give me my keys back.

Despite that little hitch, the reception room was gorgeous. It think it was one of the box rooms or something b/c you could go out on the balcony and see the track. It was so awesome. We (the bridesmaids) began pointing to the butterfly bubbles we messed up on. LOL.

I finally got my keys back and said my thank you and left. During dinner, I get this text message from him saying "I called my grandmother and she's picking her up. I'm coming in."

I was just like... WTF? I'm trying to call him to tell him not to worry, but lo and behold, he walks in, sits down with Jimmy's parents (that's the "dates of the wedding party" table), and has dinner.

We talk for a while... dance for a while... go outside for a while. It was all fine and dandy.

... and we KISSED!! It was nice actually. He liked it because I had rum on my lips. LOL. Silly Austin.

Oh yeah... I also caught the bouquet for the 7TH TIME IN MY LIFE!!! Lordy. I bound to get married sometime, right?

Well... that's the first wedding update. The second one will be written soon as soon as I can get my pics up (yes, I have pics).

Now for the rest of the update:

I just love Ikea. Has anyone else been to the new Ikea in Frisco? I dragged my mom to it the second day it opened. We just love it!! Didn't get to a chance to go to the showroom, but that's what today is for, right? I bought this really cool alarm clock that you can put a personal greeting to wake up to every morning, some glasses (12 for 5.99 ain't bad, right?) a clothes rack (4.99) and some non-stick pans (7.99 for 2?? Are they crazy?). Anyway... very good quality at a very low price. The people there are nice too. I recommend everyone go. It's worth the trip.

Tax-free weekend was awesome. Only spent 77 bucks this weekend (my ex was shocked... I know). I just want to thank Hazel and Juno for the 30% off postcard from the Gap. My jeans went from 23.99 to 16.something or another. 14.98 for jeans at Levi's (as always), couple of shirts, a skirt from Hollister and some flip flops. All and all it was a good day.

So anyway, must be going. Gonna spend spend and spend again. Oh yeah... my car is back in the shop. Can I just trade it in for something else... like a Mini Cooper?

Okay... ciao my pretties.


At 9:18 AM, August 09, 2005, Anonymous Jenn said...

if you want to trade it in, come see me! :-D glad to see you had fun at the wedding.

At 10:08 AM, August 09, 2005, Anonymous Cody said...

Sounds like you were busy! hehe

Yes, I know... Long time no talk--or type--

Maybe you know, maybe you don't... I have a new xanga now after a few minor difficulties. Anyway, school starts soon so I'll be back to reading and commenting again.

I'll have to go back a while to catch up on you!

Anyway, weddings sure are fun for the most part. At least I think so.


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