Friday, June 17, 2005

Most. Random. Post. Ever.

So... it's about 6 or 7 in the morning (depending on what time I get this post done) and I'm just being random.

For one thing, I miss my Uggs. Yes, I said Uggs... as in, Ugg boots. If you don't know what those are, you've been living under a rock, my ex-friend. LOL. Just kidding. I still have them (for 150 bucks, I better still have them), but just can't wear them right now. It's summer, for chrissakes. Those are the most comfy boots ever. I might wear them with a skirt... yeah, I'll do that.

Oh yeah... I got hit in the nose last night. No... it's not deformed or anything. And it's partially my fault (or so I think... I don't know). Anyway... so I was at On The Border for my friend's birthday and one of her friends kept tapping me on the shoulder. I done told him if he did that one more time, I would kick his ass. And you know what? He did. So I came up behind him and pinch and twisted (if this was ever done to you, you know it hurts like a bitch). And he was turning around and elbowed me in the nose. God, that hurt like a mofo. He gave me a hug afterwards. Awwww.

Going out with peeps this weekend. Derek's coming into town and bringing Shannon along. You know what that means. LOL. I'm taking out this girl who's brand spankin new to the area. This should be fun... until I find out my cousin is in town.

Yeah, I know it's not so bad, but have you met my cousin? I'm kinda mad at her right now (and she's kinda boring since... forever); so I've been trying to sway her not to go. I know, it's kinda mean but I don't want to babysit the whole night. I don't want to drive all the way out to Benbrook when I have to be in Saginaw. I mean, have you seen gas prices lately... and how far I would have to drive from Saginaw to Benbrook. Yeah... you get the picture.

Anyway, I told her she could either drive herself (which I know she hates) or find a ride (which she hates more). I think she's gonna ask her ex-crush/my ex-boyfriend (it's a long story for another time), Kenny, to come with. Kenny's not all that bad to hang out with... plus, he turned 21 this year; so it's all good.

But still, having this cousin hanging out could ruin things. I love her half to death, but I'm scared she's going to bore me to death.

I guess that's why alcohol was invented... to have fun in the most boring situations. Then again... so was Pete's Piano Bar.

Okay... maybe it won't be so bad after all... just as long as I have a beer/vodka tonic/some alcoholic drink in my hand.

I guess that's it. Gonna go night-night.



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