Monday, January 02, 2006


So New Years wasn't a complete bust despite paying 20 bucks to get into Pete's. I was happy I was hanging with Derek and Shannon.

Oh well... here's a little pictoral. I hope you like it.

Derek, why are you hiding behind the balloon? Or are you just trying to get the helium out so your voice could sound funny?

Shannon and I before the drinks. We were straight then.

I knew my boobs were made for something... LOL.

Derek... whatcha doin?

To me, Shannon looks like one of those beautiful yet underappreciated models. I love her in this pic.

Where's my kiss, damn it?!?

Yes, Derek... that IS your ass.

If you don't like my pics so far... FUCK YOU AND LEAVE!! Or I'll burn you with my cigarette. LOL.

I love my camera whores... LOL.

Yeah... I don't know. LOL.

Mmmmm... tastes like chicken. LOL.

There's my kiss... LOL.

We were semi-sober in this one. LOL. And after this pic, our photographer felt me up. Awesome time. I liked her dress.

Fun with Night vision.

This looks cool too. Don't get dirty.

This has to be the BEST night vision pic I've taken. The bottles look like they're on fire.

Yes... I do like my beer... A LOT!!

Oh... sexy.

Sexiest... bitches... EVER!!

Derek's best Popeye impression.

Yes... there's always got to be a three way kiss.

After we left Pete's at around 1130, we went to my aunt's house to ring in the new year. Yeah... boring. Then we went (and paid 5 bucks) to the Library and had some more photo fun.

This is actually a nice pic considering we were still semi drunk.

I love Derek... Derek loves me.

Shannon looks hot in this pic.

This is a pretty decent pic of me.

Derek's version of a skycam... on my boobs. Yeah... I know you're tired of them. LOL.

One last dance to end the night.

By the end of the night, we got picked up by a couple of guys. Only one was good looking, but he was very boring. I hope Shannon gave the ugly one a fake number.

All in all, it was a great New Year's Eve/morning.

I hope you enjoyed this little photoblog. I worked hard on it and it took me awhile to find a site that was working to host my pics.

Ciao for now.


At 1:52 PM, January 03, 2006, Anonymous chris said...

happy new year to yourself darlin'
shannon is hot by the way *suggestive glance*
not that you aren't as well.

At 3:33 PM, January 03, 2006, Anonymous jenn said...

dang... looks like i should have partied with you instead. my new years was so lame... glad you had fun though. xoxo


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