Monday, December 05, 2005

Dead/Finals Week

Well... here it is: the home stretch. The last chance of making a decent grade in either science.

Tomorrow is just the tip of the iceberg. I have 2 lab exams/practicals.


Again, I'm studying more on anatomy because there is so much more to learn in there than micro. At least I got most of the muscles down.

Thank yous to those who made it easier on my to learn this stuff:

-- the flash card people
-- the makers of viviran and monster energy drinks
-- to my micro lab teach for setting out questions #75-100

This past weekend was a quiet, yet productive/destructive one.

Woke up with a smile on my face on Saturday when the BF texted Miss You on my cell.

I was just kinda lazy throughout the day, looking over my notes every once in a while.

Then I realized that the bulk trash was coming by Monday; so I had to clean out a set of drawers and my bed (which had drawers underneath to hide secret addictions and such).

This is when the destructive part comes in. Instead of moving the whole bed out of my room (which isn't an easy task), dad said to just destroy it. So... that's what mom and I did. We pryed, smashed, and hammered that bed into pieces.

Yep... carrying pieces out was a heck of a lot easier than trying to carry out the whole thing.

So now... I'm sleeping on the mattress on the floor (which isn't too bad) until this next weekend when I get my new bed from Ikea.

Hopefully, the BF and I can *finally* spend some quiet time before my finals. I just get so stressed, ya know.

Speaking of stress, Malibu (yeah, that's his pic) is stressing me out. He wants to meet up this coming Saturday to exchange gifts. The thing is I can't meet him on Saturday (because of previous engagements) nor do I want to leave his gift in the middle of a park. Since I'm tired of being the one who caves in, I stood my ground and said, "Yeah... I don't think so."

What does he do? He deletes me from his myspace friends list.

Yeah... he's a true friend, alright.

*Rolls Eyes*

I hate fighting with him, but I got things to do and refuse to change my plans to make him feel better. He's not my boyfriend (and if he were, I still wouldn't cave in).

For once, I'd like him to meet on my terms... not his. I'm the one who goes to Weatherford to visit... I'm the one who drives everywhere.

What does he do? NOT A DAMN THING!!!

I'm just getting sick of it. It's really ridiculous.

Anyway... enough ranting, more studying.

Stay fabulous.


At 7:45 AM, December 08, 2005, Anonymous Chris said...

I don't know why you put up with people like that? I mean deleting someone from an online friends list? As though someone is gonna say "Oh man last night Malibu was friends with that girl and now he's not I wonder what happened! It must have been serious!" whatever. Anyway good luck on your finals.


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