Friday, December 09, 2005

Random Past Blog

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It's kinda funny how much of the past you remember. I don't know why, but I remember what happened exactly a year ago.

Derek (while he was still living here) had called me up and bugged me to go out even though I was barely getting over a cold. Through some badgering, I caved in because I thought he was moving away to Alabama.

We had dinner, even though I knew I would probably throw it all back up by the end of the night. Ran into a couple of Nolan kiddos (yeah, I know!! I always run into someone from high school) and looked at me like I've changed somehow (Duh... it's the boobs, Anastacia!! -- Derek). Oh well, I guess I'll never know what was going on in Patrick Grant's head.

We headed to the Library. You know shit goes down in there when you get me and Derek together. With that said, I'm giving you a mini pictoral.

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Derek's happy, drunk ass at the Library. He really likes his L.I.T.

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Derek being a bad influence on me with the drinking and smoking. I still love my little poodle!! LOL.

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At this point, I was on meds, vivarin, Red Bull and God Knows What!! Probably drunk calling my then-boyfriend, Matt the RL Model.

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Somehow, I managed to smoke a few cigs (this was before I quit officially, thankyouverymuch). I look angry. I'm guessing its because Matt wasn't answering his phone. Drunk calling is fun, isn't it?

What's a night out with Derek without going to City Streets to drink our asses off some more and sing 80s classics?

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Derek's happy ass. I love that boy.

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My happy medicated ass. My teeth are kinda blinding, don't you think? Yeah... this is all I could muster up after taking everything just to be awake/not sick.

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Again with the drinking and the smoking. Hey, sometimes a girl needs some liquid courage to get up on stage to sing a raspy version of Like a Virgin.

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Even though it was probably one of the best and worst (feeling) nights in my life, I still manage to hug Derek at Last Call... because I can. LOL. Probably one of the best pics of the series.

A year has past. Derek didn't end up moving the Alabama, but Waco instead. I didn't go to law school like I have planned and ended up going to nursing school. Even the 3 hour distance didn't stop our friendship even though we don't talk as often as we like or visit each other like we should.

Thanks for reminising in my past with me.

Stay fabulous.


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