Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My Sleepless Monday

Mood: Exhausted
Currently Watching: Single White Female (damn you, Jennifer Jason Leigh!!)

So... I didn't get any sleep the night before and basically was running on the caramel macchiato (or the Uszh as Rich lovingly wrote on my cup) I had at 5:30 am after I dropped my mom off at work.

Ran some boring errands. Prayed to God that B-man wouldn't call (and he didn't, which was good). Drank a lot of caffine and headed to the Parks mall to waste some time before picking up my mom.

I never realized how much I missed the Parks until I stepped in. Needless to say, it was weird not having a Sephora there. :-(

Anyway... not paying attention, I walked into Fredericks of Hollywood and discovered A SALE!! That's right, folks. Fredericks was having a sale. Unfortunately, having no cash at all, I had to wait until I picked up mom.

Fast forward an hour and a trip to North East Mall (yeah... mom's kinda picky on which Bank of America she wants to go to). Hells yeah, Momma wants some new bras!! 2 for 29/39/49!! That ain't all bad!! Apparently mom and I chose to get 2 each from the 2 for 39 sections.

I should explain the sections. There's 2 sides of the back of the store (or at least at NE): one for the push-ups, the water/silicone bras and just for the smaller sizes (like her) and one for the more endowed sizes (like me). And unlike Victoria's Secret, they have sizes bigger than 38 (you know... like 40 and stuff... YIKES).

So we were happy with our 80 dollar purchase and left.

And yes, I do know there's a sale at Victoria's Secret too. The thing is... well... my bras would still be way more expensive than if I bought them for full price at Fredericks.

Finally got my flippin brake hose for my car. YAY!! We can finally fix it and be on my way to sleeping in everyday. Hee hee.

My cousin, Kait, is in town looking for apartments. Oh yeah... she just got accepted at TCU. Good for her!!

After a couple more hours, I couldn't take anymore and just fell asleep at 7 pm until I had to take mom to work again.


I should go now. Maybe run a little. I guess that's it for now.

Ciao for now.

PS -- I have never met B-man in my life and never will. He makes me retch.


At 7:48 AM, June 07, 2005, Anonymous E said...

You went to Fredrick's with your MOTHER?! How silly!!!

Have a great day! :)

At 9:17 AM, June 07, 2005, Anonymous Code-Dogg said...

Ha. That is funny... sizes larger than 48 (Yikes!) I had to laugh because there was a woman at this wedding I went to that had records book tits. I wanted to throw her some beads--get the shirt up and take a picture so that I might sell it to someone. Laurie agreed with me :o) They were Jyrungus for lack of a better "fake word".


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