Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Jealous Ex

So... my ex, JDC, called last night (yes... this is one of the things I'm trying to keep secret from my other blogs... the fact I still talk to him is punishable by snubbing).

He got crazy upset at the fact I haven't talked to him in weeks (he claims 3 weeks, I say 1.5 because I remember talking to him after I got my brand new spiffy cell phone) even though he gave me his new number.

*rolls eyes*

Can I help it if I've been busy for forever and a day getting stuff together for my trip (which he completely forgot about even though I told him the last time we talked... which was 1.5 weeks ago)? I mean... come on.

Anyway, his friend was there and asked who he was talking to. "I'm talking to my girl, J" he said.

Awwww... he still thinks I'm his girl. He did explain to his friend that we had broken up a long time ago (November 8, 2004 to be exact), but he still considers me his girl because he still loves me.

Yes... I still do love him. Don't hate.

Anyway... we got to talking, but not like back in the day where I had to censor my topics (back then I couldn't talk about school, politics or my guy friends) and it was still evident that we loved each other... even though we're about 5 hours apart (yes... that is one of the reasons why we broke up).

This is how some of the conversation went (he's in purple, I'm in blue).

I have a date on Wednesday.
Oh yeah? That's cool. I have a date on Wednesday, too.

This is where it got kinda ugly:

Why did you say that?? Are you trying to throw that in my face?
What? I just said "I have a date, too". Is that so wrong?
Well, maybe he won't stand you up, like the last guy.

Believe me, if he was there, I was about to throw down. Instead, I cried.

I can't believe you fucking said that. That's so mean.
Well, what were you trying to do? Make me jealous?
No, I was just being honest. Why would you think I would do that? I'm gonna cry now .

*insert tears*

You are NOT crying.


Yes I am.

*he realizes he did something seriously wrong*

Sorry. Love you. You know I would beat up anybody who did that to you. I'm sorry.

Annnnnnnd... scene.

He recapped for his friend and actually said he would beat up anybody who hurt me in any way.

I don't know whether to be flattered or creeped out.

Anyway... so yeah... he talked about the cruise he's taking... I talked about the trip to the Philippines I'm taking.

After all that said and done, it was a civil conversation.

Again, I still love him, but I'm ready to move on. If it was meant to be, then... maybe he'll be back in the city.




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