Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Intro to Me

Hey... what's up y'all??

I'm J (Ibiza to the losers in leisure suits who like to hit on me... like ewww) and welcome to my world.

Even though I'm leaving in 4 days, I wanted to start a new blog for when I get back home after a month.

I have other blogs too, but this is the one I can actually say my true feelings on because of the many things that have happened in the past that people would rather have me forget.

If you want to visit the others, here they are:



Anyway... I'm just your typical t-shirt and jeans kind of girl who likes to travel and party every chance she gets.

I'm from Texas which is surprising to people because I'm not the normal Dubya loving, gun toting Texan I'm supposed to be. Quite the opposite and I really want to move to California.

Anyway... I hope you enjoy this.